Emile Henry Tagines

We have a wide range of Emile Henry tagines and we are sure you will find one that will tick all your wants and desires. Emile Henry tagines come in many colours to suit your sense of style and also come in a range of sizes to suit your culinary needs. All Emile Henry products are dishwasher safe and come up a dream after every wash, you won’t be complaining about burnt on baked food with this company. We are sure that this Emile Henry tagine won’t disappoint and you can buy with confidence because all these Emile Henry tagines come with a 10 year warranty against breakages due to defective workmanship

Emile Henry is a brand that’s known for quality and style, the company was founded in 1850 and it is still owned and run by the Henry family.
Emile Henry is loved by professional and amateur’s cooks alike because everything it produces is properly designed, has great dimensions, the depth of the product will be just right and the style will be fabulous. Emile Henry products are made from Burgundy clay which is a fabulous heat conductor, which helps food to cook evenly and gives your food a more flavoursome taste.

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