Traditional large Moroccan terracotta tagine

This large traditional tagine is perfect for entertaining friends or large family gatherings as it really is easy cooking for maximum flavour. It measures 30cm across, is 21cm high and holds 1.5 pints of liquid. This tagine is suitable for oven cooking but can be used on the hob with the added inexpensive purchase of a heat diffuser (click here to see our range of heat diffusers).

This tagine is well built and made from terracotta which gives a really traditional Moroccan feel to the dish. Perfect for all occasions this tagine will give you mouth watering tagines and stews made from lamb, beef chicken or vegetables and its long slow cooking will drive you and your guests crazy with the delightful smells. This tagine will not disappoint so why not buy it for a friend or relative who has an interest in the food of morocco; it would make the perfect gift for them.

Buy this traditional moroccan terracotta tagine for £30.00

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