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TagineWe’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a brand new website featuring tagine recipes! We’re are hoping to add lots more recipes over the coming weeks and would be greatful for any user submissions as well!

The receipes contain full ingredient, method and timings and are presented in an easy to follow format.

The site is very much a work in progress so be sure to check back to see the latest recipes and please do leave comments and send photos of any of the dishes that your try!

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Selecting The Right Tagine

If you’re looking to get into Moroccan cooking then a tagine cooking pot is the ideal piece of kitchen equipment.

Tagine Sizes

First things first are how many people will you be using the tagine for?  As with most things in life bigger is better so we would always recommend that you purchase the largest possible tagine that your budget and cooker can accommodate.  As a guide recommend the following:

  • 1 Person – 25 centimeters (around 10 inches)
  • 2 – 3 People – 27.5 to 30 centimeters (around 11 to 12 inches)
  • 4 – 6 People – 32.5 to 35 centimeters (around 13 to 14 inches)
  • 7 – 8 People – 37.5 to 40 centimeters (around 15 to 16 inches)

There are smaller individual tagine dishes available which are more suited for serving starters or tapas style dishes in.  Tagine dishes are difficult to judge the size of just from photographs.  We recommend that you read the product information carefully on each product to ensure that it suits your size requirements.

Tagine Materials

The materials from which your tagine can be made from depends on how you will heat your food.  If you’re planning on using the tagine on your cooker top then you need to ensure the tagine is compatible with your heat source.  Cast iron is the most robust material and will work on all forms of hob types (electric, gas, ceramic etc).  For the more traditional terracotta tagines you should always invest in a decent heat diffuser to soften the heat that hits the tagine and stops it from cracking.

Finding Tagine Recipes

We hope that people will submit free recipes via our contact form. Click to submit your tagine recipe If you’ve created a youtube video recipe then simply send us the details on the contact form and we will embed it into the recipe.

To see a list of the current submitted recipes click this link

If you don’t find a suitable recipe then we recommend looking at our Moroccan cookery book section here we also have details on Moroccan cookery classes which are ideal for you to get to grips with tagine cooking.

Looking after your tagine

How you care for your Moroccan tagine will depend on the materials that it’s made from.  For an indepth care guide and for information on seasoning please see our specific caring for your tagine page.

Video explanation of what a tagine is

See this great video that gives you a good understanding of the origins and usage of the versatile tagine.
If you’ve got any questions or would like some recipe ideas then please feel free to use our contact form to get in touch.

If you’d like to share your tagine dishes then we’d love to see them or read them so again please use the contact us page to let us know.

Teal Le Creuset Cast Iron Tagine.

Teal Le Creseut TagineThe Le Creuset Cast Stone Moroccon Tagine is an amazing piece of cooking equipment to have in your kitchen. Moroccon Tagines are a stew that usually consist of lamb or chicken mixed with spices and sweets; moreover, tagines make for great family meals. The Le Creuset Cast Iron Tagine is the most effective and recommended product on the market to make state of the art tajine recipes. Most traditional tagines are made out of clay pots, but the revolutionary Le Creuset Tagine is made from pure cast iron. Unlike the common clay pots, the iron manufacturing of this product allows for the stew to be cooked faster and at higher temperatures over a stove. Also, the iron casting allows for even cooking and browning of the meats. This cooking pot is so convenient that it can hold up to two quarts and it is dishwasher safe! Once you make your tagine in the Le Creuset Moroccon Tagine, you will see how the flavors are amazingly absorbed by the condensation of the iron base and conical top. Le Creuset’s stone tops come in various colours such as, red, blue, yellow, and white, to harmonize with the cookware in your kitchen. Le Creuset products never let consumers down with their effective products and their Moroccon Tagine is no exception.

If you want the Rolls Royce of tagines and want your friends and dinner guests to be impressed at your tableware then look no further than this Le Creuset Tagine.

For further details and to see actual user reviews please click the “Buy Now” button below.  This tagine has a recommended retail price of £129 but is available via for £96.76 with free delivery.

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32cm Noir Tagine by Emile Henry

32cm Noir Emile Henry TagineIf you love to cook for your family or if you like to host big dinner parties, you should purchase this Emile Henry 32cm Moroccon tagine. If you have never heard of a tagine, you are really missing out. Designed to allow you to enjoy the experience of preparing your food the Moroccan way, this Moroccon tagine can be used over an open flame if you wish to fry something, but you can also simply pop it in the oven if you prefer to bake your food. The options are endless. Since this tagine is a very strong and thermo shock resistant, you can even pull it straight out of the freezer or refrigerator before immediately placing it in a hot oven or on a hot stove top, and you do not have to worry about it breaking.

Along with being a highly functional piece, this tagine is positively beautiful. Made of a unique Ceradon material, this piece is resistant to chips, scratches and cracks, so you are sure to enjoy it for a long time. Much like a slow cooker from ancient African history, this lovely piece will help you to prepare positively delicious meals. It is designed to tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat, and you can prepare almost anything in it without having to pull other pots and pans out of your cupboard. This is a fantastic purchase for anyone who is looking for a unique, stylish and delicious way to prepare food for her family or friends.

To see further details on the quality tagine, including user reviews, then please click the “Buy Now” button below.  This Emile Henry Tagine has an RRP of £84.91 but is available through us for £57.76

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Mini Individual Tagine Dishes

Mini Individual Tagine DishesTiny Tagines for Tasty Treats

Few things seem as exotic as a meal cooked in a Moroccon tagine. For a truly special dinner party mini tagines are particularly appealing. Each guests gets to enjoy the pleasure of opening their dinner, steam wafting upwards as the dish is uncovered.

The mini ceramic tagine offered by Kitchen Craft is a particularly elegant example of the traditional Moroccon tagine. Glazed in a graduated, deep red to black colour, this dish can be used not just for cooking, but also for serving dips, condiments and oils. Made of stoneware, the vessel can be used in conventional ovens up to a temperature of 200º C.

It is the shape of your tagine that makes it cook so well. Tall, conical lids create a moist, hot cooking environment for the food inside. The steam rises, condenses and then drips down on the food below, leaving it moist and flavourful. Large tagines are ideal for large stews or roasts. Beans, rice and couscous fare just as well.

By using several small units to prepare your meals, each individual can customize their experience. You can make a vegetarian meal alongside one containing meat and cook them all together in one oven. Everyone gets exactly what they like, and it takes no additional time.  The tagine base is approximate 11cm across and 3cm deep and looks fantastic with its lid.

For further details on this tagine, including reviews, please click the “Buy Now” button below.  These tagine pots have an RRP of £7.25 but are available now to buy for £3.29 including free postage.

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Traditional Moroccan Tagines

Traditional TagineMarrakesh Trading terracotta tagines are imported directly from Marrakesh. These tagines are hand-crafted, authentic, and durable; a classic, traditionally designed tagine. These tagines are the best quality tagines that Morocco produces.


The clay used in the manufacture of these tagines is of a particular quality that delivers resistance against direct heat while also conducting heat efficiently. They are simply the best tagines that Morocco produces.


Tagines are significant cooking vessels over all North Africa. The tagine’s shape reflects the scarcity of fuel and water in this part of the world. These precious elements need to be used frugally. Charcoal fires are almost the only form of cooking facilities that are available in the region, and the wide shallow base of the tagine can be pushed down among the coals to take full advantage of the heat.


The tall conical lid is designed for a specific purpose. It allows the smallest amount of water to be used to moisten the ingredients in the base of the tagine and the steam that is produced, when rising up the tall cool conical side of the tagine, re-condenses to trickling back down over the gently simmering food. Just a few tablespoons of water added at the beginning of a recipe will produce sufficient liquid to cook a great tagine meal.


Here is Marrakesh Trading’s top selling tagine kit which will give you everything you need to start creating fantastic Moroccan tagine meals.  This starter kit includes a 30cm terracotta tagine, a good quality heat diffuser for using the tagine on your hob and finally a set of 3 authentic spice blends to allow you to create tasty and aromatic meals for 6 people.

What’s in the tagine kit:

Traditional Tagine Kit


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